Breast Surgery For People With Breast Cancer

Breast Surgery For People With Breast Cancer – In this article we will look at the different types of breast surgery that may be offered if you have Breast cancer.

However, before any operation site, the surgeon will talk with you and discuss with you takes. Most appropriate type of surgery for your specific case of breast cancer.

It should also be recalled that no operation is performed, you agree to be taking it before. .

where breast surgery is the type concerned. The operation running, depends on the size of the tumor in the breast, whether it has spread to other parts of the body and personal preferences. .

However, if your cancer is already then your diagnosis. Surgeon you will about the type of surgery, you need to talk. Although it is possible that the surgeon can not afford to decide which type of surgery he will not have a definitive diagnosis of the type of cancer you have. Therefore, they may need to perform a small operation to remove some of the lumps to under the microscope before the rest check out

The types of breast surgery, you may have as follows:

  • Mastectomy, removal of the entire breast. .
  • Lumpectomy or wide local excision, where only the lump is removed from the breast .
  • Segmentectomy, where more than a component of the breast is removed .

The second two options are also known as conservative surgery. .

has had in some cases, a patient who has breast surgery for cancer may. Need to go after radiotherapy and this is especially for those who either a lumpectomy or segmental resection surgery.

This reduces the risk that patients have their cancer return, as it will hopefully kill the remaining cancer cells when a left-wing has taken place after the operation. While in other cases, patients may notice a mastectomy that they have with radiation to the lymph nodes above the collarbone to ensure that all cancer cells had been removed. .will discuss.

Typically, the surgeon, the type of treatment you have with the radiation therapist once the results of surgery are back. Sorry, not radiation therapy can be carried out only after the surgery to be planned. .

There are many reasons why a surgeon will recommend a particular type of breast surgery, but they will try their best to follow a patient. Wishes. Keep In some cases, some women keep their breasts in all circumstances would, while others may prefer to have a mastectomy (because they feel that once the chest is off the cancer be gone) or it is because the .do not have. radiotherapy. In fact, much of the research was conducted and proved that there is no difference in the results if a patient has a mastectomy or conservative surgery with radiation therapy instead. In fact, it has been shown that both forms of treatment work equally well in the treatment of breast cancer. .


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