Angry birds rio printable coloring pages

Angry Birds Rio initially included two chapters, “Smugglers’ Den” and “Jungle Escape”, each with 30 levels. Since then, the game has been expanded with three additional 30-level chapters called “Beach Volley” (released in May 2011), “Carnival Upheaval” (released in June 2011), and “Airfield Chase” (released in August 2011) along with a 15-level chapter, “Golden Beachball”, which is unlocked by finding a hidden item in “Beach Volley” (iOS, Android) or by entering a redeem code from Rio DVD (PC, Mac). A final chapter named “Smugglers’ Plane” (released in November 2011) was released with initially with 15 levels, with the final 15 levels released later (January 2012). Each chapter has a special fruit that may be rarely found as gold. “Smugglers’ Den” has pineapples, “Jungle Escape” has bananas, “Beach Volley” has watermelons, “Carnival Upheaval” has papayas, “Airfield Chase” has apples, “Smugglers’ Plane” has mangoes, “Market Mayhem” has strawberries, and “Rocket Rumble” has golden rockets. In July 2013, the “Golden Beachball” episode received 15 more levels, golden cherries, a new background, and this episode is now available from the start of the game.

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